Ecstasy, Surprise, and Their Compounding Psychological Effects

Reader’s Digest Asia July 2007 pp. 54. Even though this has nothing to do with this post it is very important everybody know. Ecstasy the drug is bad.

Anyway, I know now how to let my overjoy out. I’m writing song lyrics!!!

… the week.
Tomorrow is becoming the holiday we seek.
The last one came on Saturday but …

I’m not revealing too much, thank you very much.

Anyway, after the joy started calming down the lights went off, the adjoining computer flashed off, and the only light source was this computer. Thank God for laptops! Blackout. Chaos. Mom was taking a shower. We were very startled, and started groping for flashlights, when the lights came on (barely one minute!) and I utilized the fact that TIs use batteries to reset the clocks. The TV connection was all busted before the blackout; I have the internet; but after the lights came on the TV connected and the internet failed, but Dad got it running again.



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