Baboom Day

Hi all!

Second revival post.

Today was an ordinary day.

Library, 8:15

Read Walk Two Moons because it was the first book I saw on my shelf I had never read.

Humanities, 9:15

Literature Circle. Running, which might have… exacerbated… my throat problems. Still pretty okay.

Math, 10:15

Figured out Integration by Parts. Still working on integrating excos 2x dx. Rest = … ameliorating… of throat.

Chinese, 11:15

Minimized talking, so throat didn’t change much. One pizza-flavored chip, which was nice.

Lunch, 12:06


Running Around Time, 12:43

Infinity Tag. Got caught twice or so, survived the end. Yes!

Humanities, 1:15

Timeline stuff, which was noisy. Somehow my throat problems had been eradicated discreetly. Then reading, twice for 5 minutes and finishing up the Integration by Parts homework.

Humanities, 2:15

Baboomed as the winning team again with luck. Nice…

Clean-up, 2:55

Throat problems reemerged. Otherwise great.

Science, 3:25

Spectrum… Red, orange, green… *sigh*

That’s all, folks. Just that my throat is killing me as of now.


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