Countdown To Privileges!

Yay! Tomorrow I get to start spend my Campbell Dollars. I got a new pencil box as well. It’s great.

Let us get down to the very, very basics.

One by one, as always…

Music, approx. 8:15

We sang this and that and there was this song about a feather bed that was “rocky ‘n rolly” with “Indian-ness” and some “casualness” as well. It went fast, and we sang a song called “



Science, approx. 9:15

The teacher taught us about muscles ‘n bones.

The teacher checked us for our yellow notebooks.

About half the class had nothing.

Humanities, approx. 4:29

We learned about stuff.

You know, about our term grades. I suppose you know I got a 98 first term already? Oh yeah, we had our tables in a group sort of clusterings. I got with Kathy, Arnold, and N.H. If I were to name our group, the name would be “The Legendary No-benchers!”


Afterwards, Mr.C whispered, “You know, Brian, this is the highest grade I ever gave in any subject or class I ever taught. Good for you.”

Tomorrow he’ll put up the wondrous

privilege list.

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