The Final Chance

Yay! I got 40.

Well thatz gonna have to wait. No it doesn’t. Yes it does.

Humanities, approx. 10:13

Mr. C gave out our tests. I got a 40/40, a perfect! Not
single mistake! Oh joy! I secured a 20% out of my daring 98%.

We reviewed it.

Art, approx. 11:13

I worked on my picasso. I used a sharpened-up crayon to trace the picture. What did I learn? If crayons are too sharp they’re really really weak.

Humanities, approx. 2:13

Jenny, check on the bench. I hope you all know what that is. But the point is Mr. C promised us a Halloween party Friday— given 4 or less (names + Ps).

And four names and checks we have.

Please 4B… you know what.



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