Yay! Today was the last day of school for six days. Or maybe five. We get 5daysinarow off, so we’re doing stuff Plans to go to Taipei, BBQ, you get the idea. Today coming up…

Humanities… approx 10:12

We had a talk about pride, being proud, arrogant-“ness”, and nothing else… sort of.

Humanities, approx. 1:12

We read “The Story Of Wang Li”, talking about a guy called Wang Li who gives up lots of riches and luxury so their village can be happy&safe. Then the mother gives up and they live happily ever after.

PE, approx: 2:05

boing boing boing.

We bungee jumped… just kidding, just a big-bed-size trampoline item thingy-o. We jumped from the top.

boing boing boing

Then the teacher came, routine, been there done that, Walter & I invented “Swik’ Soc’ ‘all”, I call it Swiccerball (SWIK-er-ball).

End of story.


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