Twenty Minutes

Today was just too excellent for the word “grand”, or “extraordinary”, or even “outstandingly unbelievably superior”… maybe. Let’s go.

Math, approx. 10:10 AM

Woohoo! There we go, I sit down and wait for my teacher to finish her phone call, then she hands me her test. Twenty minutes later, I take a look over things and slap it down on the teacher’s desk… no I didn’t. I just put it there. She looks at me and says, “You’re kidding!” (Well, I am not.)

I got a 99.

Not that bad, but well… but the point is, it’s not bad. E.g., good. Which I was denying a second ago. Well, er… whatever… ok. Then we go on inequalities and contrapositives and stuff like that. Ok.

CSS, approx 11:15 AM

After some talking, some confusion, some questions, some answers, some more confusion, I finally got my homework in. And guess what? I was the only one! I mean, really. Only me, and that is something to be proud about.

Lunch, approx 12:10 PM

Excellent sushi trading day. Nian-Hsuan traded me his 3 slightly spicy sushi for my 2 cheese sushi, and Costa gave me all his carrots. Mm. And I had big, bouncy, crispy (for a grape, at least), juicy, well… you get the idea, grapes. Double Mm.

Chinese, approx 2:40 PM

Joke time! Here is one joke that, with some thinking, you should get. People with what kind of sickness never see the doctor? (… Not doctorphobia…) Answer at the bottom of the post.

Humanities, approx 3:10 PM

Humanities! Quiz Day, at that. And you know what that means.

Another C$!!!

Jeff got his first imperfect. 9/10. Poor guy. I’d really like a better competitor, but he’ll do… do I sound like I’m… the word should be ‘abusing’… him? Hope not. More like a complaint, or better like a fact. If you don’t get it, simply put, I take it back. Of course, if you understood, there’d be nothing to take back. So if… I’ll just leave it at that and go.

The End

Sort of, we went excercising and I kicked soccer with Matthew and Alan, Matthew and I both got a goal. Fun and tiring. After that we got ourselves a good dinner. By ‘ourselves’ I mean my family. Byebye.


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