To Drink Like a… er… whatever

Okay… today was a tad better. Lots of water, lots of trips to the WC, lots of enduring. Lots… and there’s more where that came from. Honestly. Well, we went to the computer lab after lunch and ohmigod, Mr. C achieved 50,000 and a bit more! No, wait… divide that by ten… yep, 5000. Well the top scores seem to be, well like, 23,500 or something. Otherwise really… oh, and during music we got a test on the recorder, Do Re Mi Sol La Si Sol Do La La So Mi Re Si La Mi Mi Re Do. Whew, I just finished a simple song! Then we clean-upped, and did a Science tEsT… really, how could they ask this? See for yourself and see what YOU think.

Which of the following is NOT a vertebrate?
A snake
B bird
C snail
D fish

I beg you, don’t tell me snails are vertebrates. Well… I would say:

Snake: NOT a vertebrate
bird: a vertebrate
snail: NOT a vertebrate
fish: a vertebrate

Well, I chose snake, just a weird guess. How could they give


correct guesses, anyway? It’s just… plain… er… perhaps I shouldn’t say that word. Anyway, I guessed A, end of test, end of class, end of story, and end of this blahblahblahing. Byebye.


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