Sick for Half the Day

OH… awful day today, my teensy cold became a tornado-size thing. Bluh… that wasn’t too good for the sake of it. Some kind of serious nose infection thing. I don’t know. Otherwise (although really, there isn’t much “otherwise” at all), stuuuuuu-pendous! Here we go…

Noon… Pizza day… approx. 12:03

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Pizza. It’s delicious. Well, really. Hawaiian is really delectable. Superior. Ok, if I keep on using one-word sentences I’ll go crazy. So there, finished lunch, check. Next on…

Humanities, after two other fun-but-not-interesting classes

Humanities… we got a class about landforms and bodies-of-water vocabulary words, then we had a contest. Mr. C would say a word or a definition, and you had to say the corresponding definition/word, respectively. Our column won. Each guy got a point… I got mine by naming the word with the definition “the place where a river starts”. Before you go and ask for the answer, well… unfortunately there is not anything more to talk about… so I’ll type a few returns and type the answer. Whatever.

Answer: Source of river


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