Three Times The Work

Today was a really tough day. Well, for first class we had music, which was pretty fun indeed. But I can’t start there. One extremely inportant thing happened before that. Here we go…

Morning Quiet Time, approx. 7:42

I walked into the classroom and did all the routine. Well, then I showed my piece of work on the computer for Humanities (due today). And they told me you weren’t allowed to do it on the computer. Well, I wouldn’t like to get my name on the BENCH!! Well, I’ll have to tell about that first…

Definition: The Bench

The Bench is where Mr. Campbell, our Humanities teacher (if you haven’t figured that out yet), puts the names of the people who

  1. misbehave
  2. come in late
  3. turn their homework in late

. If you get on there, big deal. If Mr. C decides you should go on the bench, and you are already there, check. You’ll have to write the class rules five times (or something). Well, there is more, but it’s blurry to me now.

Back to the main story…

Well, I learned my homework was wrong, so I redid it, on lined paper. I did it throughout extra tidbits of time throughout Science (class 2) and CSS (class 4). After CSS, before lunch, I was just about to leave when Willie, who Mr. C calls “Willie Grande”, saw my masterpiece and said, “You can’t do it on lined paper.” Well… Uh-oh.

Lunch, approx 12:10

I hastily gulped down my lunch and drew on the piece of paper I got. Drawing, coloring, drawing, coloring. Pretty tough, though I finished it. In Chinese, we learned some more characters and told jokes. And finally, Humanities. I handed in my work, and… no rejections. It went in. Poor Jeff (he did it on lined paper). We handed it in, had a quiz, and I earned another C$. Yahoo!!

After School, approx 4:30

We went to the field and wore ourselves out. Fun. Dodgeball and minisoccer. I went crazy. And then… here I am. Gotta go!


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