Marco Polo

Sorry folks for not writing yesterday. I was too busy.
Such a fun day today! We had swimming class.

Well, it’s not too awful.

We played Marco Polo, funny it was. “Marco!” “Polo!” Bonk! “It” leapt around, trying to grasp for people, while other people bonked his head with floats. I remember when Joseph was it, he leapt around and somebody-or-other grabbed a stack of three floats and KABONK!!! Funny.

We played and played, near the end Ethan was singing that weird Pokepark song, and well, it was funny. My inability to control screams made me rather vulnerable. Not good. Still, it was super super super super super super super FUN.


Marco Polo is such a fun game.

At the end of the day, I went to the office and asked if my green notebook had been found. I asked and asked… Bingo. The woman asked a 9th grader to get the green notebook. He gave it to me, and he asked, “Why does this notebook with 9th grade questions belong to this guy?” The woman said I was that genius, and the guy said, “Oh, I remember, Wally told me about it.” Don’t go asking who Wally is. I don’t know, except it sort of seemed that somebody else had said that same sentence somewhere. Whatever.


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