The Sushi Market

Today was a *grand* Monday. Well, here goes.

First class music, we started learning the recorder. Really, it was fun. I could play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” when we were through. Perfectly… Well, almost.

Next was science, in which there wasn’t anything fun. Just confusion. Blah, blah, blah.

Then was math. If I haven’t already told you, I’m a math… genius? I saw my teacher call lunch… I thought they only do that on TV! Really… well, let’s just say it’s sort of weird.

And then was Chinese social studies, with nothing interesting to post on the blog.

Lunch!!! During Mondays we have sushi for lunch. If I didn’t tell you already, the one thing I don’t like to eat is cheese. And the sushi guys said they have to put cheese in some sushi. In the small serving there are two cheese sushi. Well, I simply gave them away (some people like cheese a lot, they do) and in return I got: five or six sushi, and a teensy snip of carrot. Mmm.

In Chinese, we were taught several words and then we wrote poems. Poems are hard to write… in Chinese, that is. I thought around and decided on writing about stars. My writing isn’t finished yet… not that anybody’s is.

And finally Humanities. We had a quiz, and I got 10 out of 10. ^U^ So, I earned my first Campbell Dollar of the year! Pretty exciting… I hope I’ll get more.

So, if this isn’t a grand day, what is it? Well, I’ve got a ton of homework to do. Gotta go! Bye!


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