Your Typical Friday

Today was an… ordinary special day. Well, an ordinary day from all aspects, but a special day if you count the way everybody got hyperactive after lunch.

Well, duh!

Just your typical Friday. Typical Fridays, we get computer class. And I can repeat it again.

Well, duh!

Then, at the computer lab, the computer teacher repeated again the boring old routine. “Click on Start, then Programs, then Microsoft Word. Type ‘Hi I am Gretchen’. Click File, then Save. Now see, there is a ‘Save in’ thing on the top. Click the little triangle. Go down… Nono, nono, nono, nono, nono, nonono, YESYESYES!”

You can imagine that. On and on and on… really, if I were you, I’d skip all this. Yes. Well so why are you reading? Really, it’s not like Lemony Snicket’s sarcastic letter on the back of each book in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. It’s real.

Ok, it doesn’t matter anymore. Well what else? Before that… let me think… Nothing much.

Oh, how I love weekends! (I think I said the exact opposite a week ago, perhaps I’ll change soon again…)


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